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Hege Marie Brown is a user experience designer, architect and strategist with more than 20 years of experience from branding, production and technology.

She has been working across a wide range of industries, from mobile phones and accessories to enterprise SaaS software, banking, security, eCommerce and game design.

Hege is one of those mythical creatures who can do art, design, information architecture, strategy, direction and leadership as well as both frontend and backend code.

She has worked with international companies such as Bloomberg, Facebook, Avon, Audi, Sony Ericsson, Atari, Disney, Warner Brothers, Funcom and many more, both big and small.

She considers herself to be a curious, empathetic and passionate individual with the capacity to master multiple disciplines and bridge them to find solutions.

Her interests are everything from nuclear physics to cognitive psychology, computer science and knitting, but the only thing she feels she is good at is collecting and sorting information and seeing patterns and correlations other people don’t immediately recognize.

To her, it makes perfect sense that nuclear physics and design are related. (Brad Frost did too when he wrote about atomic design).