Track knowledge as progress

Studies have shown that making progress in meaningful work is a more significant motivational component than positive feedback from your manager.

So what does that mean exactly?

If you tell a colleague her work is fantastic, there is a good chance she will not believe your statement is authentic at all if she does not feel she produced some value.

If you hold weekly progress meetings to highlight the progress made, that could be great, but if you had a major setback that week, this could quickly become a negative feedback loop.

What can we do then?

We can draw inspiration from cognitive psychology and practice reframing progress as something more than just moving forward on the roadmap. If the team experience a setback, make sure to take the time to investigate what happened and why and accept this knowledge as progress.

Put an egg in the basket for every mistake that taught you something.

Consider having a knowledge progress bar parallel to the roadmap, to acknowledge insight, wisdom, experience and knowledge on the same level as direct progress on the roadmap.

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