The Economics of Wellbeing

Whether you manage a few people, lead a large group, or run an entire organization, you are already in the business of managing employee wellbeing.

The research on this topic is quite clear: Your workforce’s wellbeing directly affects your organization’s bottom line.

Even if you have never thought of your employees’ wellbeing as your business, each person’s wellbeing is critical to achieving an organization’s goals and fulfilling its mission. Every day in your organization, some employees don’t show up, don’t give their best effort, erode your productivity, and cost you millions of dollars because they are struggling or suffering in important areas of their lives. Other employees engage their colleagues and customers, generate new ideas, and save your organization thousands of dollars in healthcare costs because they take responsibility for their health and overall wellbeing. Simply put, your employees’ wellbeing can be measured, managed, and quantified.

Report by Gallup Consulting:
The Economics of Wellbeing

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