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I do not currently take jobs under the name Jazzberry, but all my services are still available at Megapop Games
  • Art Direction

    Project or brand art direction, including visual identity design

  • Graphic design

    Branding and identity,- logo, business cards, brochures, catalogues, corporate reports, packaging design and much more.

  • Illustration

    Infographics, book illustrations, portraits and more.

  • Digital design

    Webdesign, digital signage, interactive presentations, user interface design for mobile applications, including games and more.

  • Development

    Web/UI development: Php, HTML, CSS, Javascript, mySQL, Unity, AS3/Scaleform, C#, Ruby, Python and more

    (PS! Jeg snakker norsk.)


Things and stuff I’ve done lately

The Moon

/Posted by: jazz
"The world's first virtual shopping destination. Meet, interact, chat with friends, discover brands and get inspiration – all while shopping at a close to reality destination" Disclaimer: Project still in...

Various illustration

/Posted by: jazz
Various drawings (all digitally drawn in Photoshop). (I apologize for poor resolutions on these images. I lost 15 years of artwork due to a Dropbox issue, so I no longer...

StarTrek Mobile Game UI

/Posted by: jazz
This was a UI design test I did for Ludia Games in Montreal. I got the job, but decided to turn the offer down and move back home to Norway. I...

Mobile design

/Posted by: jazz
I had the pleasure of working closely with Sony Ericsson and partners for a couple of years, custom designing mobile covers, pouches and accessories. The list of companies is...

Various webdesign

/Posted by: jazz
Over the course of my career I have designed and programmed more websites than I can count. The development in this industry is so fast however, keeping a portfolio...


What’s a Jazzberry?

I was one of those kids who never managed to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I don’t understand why logic and creativity is seen as opposites, and although some people are naturally better suited to keep a narrow focus, my brain pulls me in all directions at once. Knowledge is my drug.

Those of us with similar traits are often referred to as a Jack of all Trades, a potato, polymath or multipotentialite.  I call myself a jazzberry, because my brain works much like jazz, very intuitively, very little strict planning, yet everything follows a pattern. The berry represent my non-conforming and colorful personality, which has taken me a lifetime to learn to trust and feel comfortable with.

Too often term Jack of all Trades is spoken in a negative connotation, but our broad range of skills and experiences can be very valuable alongside modern day specialists. Sometimes solutions are found through being able to see a bigger picture than an expert can.

I love working on big projects, in team with talented developers and artists, but I also love making cheap logos for enthusiastic and promising startups.

I thrive when put to the challenge and asked to do the impossible, where I am allowed to use all my skills in combination.

Work experience

  • Senior UI/UX Designer & Developer

    Megapop Games// Norway // Jun 2017 – Present

    ° UI/UX Design
    ° Art/Illustration, Graphic design
    ° Webdesign and development (html,css/sass, php, mysql, javascript)
    ° App & Game Development (Unity, VR/AR, Xamarin Forms/C#, Phaser)


  • Designer, Artist, Developer

    Jazzberry // Norway // Mar 2001 – Jun 2017

    ° UI/UX Design (Unity)
    ° Graphic design, Branding & Identity
    ° Webdesign and development (html,css/sass, php, mysql, javascript)

    Clients and brands including Sony Ericsson, Sony Entertainment, Samsung, Motorola, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, American Idol, Skullcandy, Simpsons, Armani, Audi, Billabong, So You Think You Can Dance, T-Mobile and many more.

  • Senior Webdeveloper

    EasyAD, Schibsted Media// Norway // Oct 2015 – Sep 2016

    * PHP Development
    * Refactoring, Unit Testing.
    * HTML, CSS (SASS), Javascript, Json, Ajax
    * Machine Learning for automated ad targeting
    * API Integrations
    * UI Design

    * Self studies outside the scope of work responsibilities: Design Patterns, Ruby, Python, Angular JS, Business Metrics

  • Art director

    Telecine Multimedia// Montreal, Canada // Jun 2013 – Mar 2015

    Award Winning Digital Signage studio with clients like Bloomberg, J.P. Morgan, Fidelity Investments, Pimco, Acorda Therapeutics w.m.
    ° Concept sketches, storyboards and ideas.
    ° Scala engineering and prototyping
    ° AfterEffects/video/3d modelling and animation
    ° Webdesign, UI and development (php/html/css/jQuery/etc)
    ° Agile & task management

  • Lead artist

    Funcom Games // Montreal, Canada // Mar 2011 – May 2013

    ° Character creation tool prototyping and innovation (AS3)
    ° Character feature art and art direction, 3D modeling
    ° Managing in game assets, overseeing quality of each individual piece
    ° User Interface Art & Design, assisting UI dept
    ° Leading a team of 10+ artists in Montreal and Beijing
    ° Projects including Fashion Week Live, Thief, NBA, Lego and more
    ° Working closely with project managers, game designers and tech dept
    ° Agile/Scrum/Poker planning

  • UI/UX Designer & Developer

    Funcom Games // Oslo, Norway // May 2010 – Mar 2011

    Project: Board with the World, an Extreme Sport/Snowboarding MMO
    Mission: Create a working prototype for a completely new UI/control mechanism never done before on PC. Mission was accomplished!
    ° User interface design and animation
    ° Flash AS3, Scaleform and LUA, implementation in DreamWorld engine
    ° User testing
    ° Logo design, game identity, t-shirts, presentations and more
    ° Character and environment texture art


  • Associate Degree in Graphic Design

    Sessions College // 2002 – 2005

    ° Color theory
    ° Typography
    ° Design and composition
    ° Marketing
    ° Print production
    ° Branding and Identity
    ° Logodesign
    ° Layout Design
    ° Packaging Design

  • Webmaster

    IT Akademiet // 1999 – 2000

    ° HTML & CSS
    ° Dreamweaver
    ° Flash & Actionscript
    ° Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert
    ° Adobe Illustrator Certified Expert
    ° ASP & Visual Basic
    ° Windows NT Web Server

  • Php Certification

    Zend / 2008

  • CAD, 3D & Technical/architectual drawing

    Noroff Institute // 2008 – 2009

    ° AutoCAD
    ° 3DsMax
    ° Viz & Inventor
    ° Mechanical, technical & architectural drawing

  • Various Online Studies

    Individual courses, Computer and Information Sciences // 

    ° Zenva Virtual Reality with Unity Mini-Degree
    ° Zenva C# and Unity

    ° Udacity Descriptive Statistics
    ° Stanford Machine Learning
    ° Polymath Higher Mathemathics
    ° Lynda PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics
    ° Lynda Design Patterns in PHP
    ° Lynda Unit Testing with PHPUnit
    ° Lynda Foundations of Programming: Test Driven Development
    ° Codermanual Ruby on Rails
    ° Codecademy SQL,  Git, jQuery and more

    2015 or earlier
    ° 3ds Max, modeling, texturing and rendering
    ° ZBrush modeling
    ° Photoshop/Painter drawing and painting
    ° Flash animation and actionscripting
    ° Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management
    ° SEO/Internet Marketing
    and much, much more…

  • Member of IDF

    I am a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, the world’s largest UX Design learning community.

    Read more/become a member


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