Graphic design, branding & identity, art direction, web- and mobile design, ui/ux, product design.


Game art, iconography, book illustration, infographics.


Full stack web (html/css/sql/php/js), AS3, Scaleform, Scala, Unity, prototyping.




a person of wide knowledge or learning.

"a Renaissance polymath"

I am not a designer, illustrator, art director or developer. Nor am I a philosopher, woman or mother.

I am all those things and more.

The polymath, unlike the specialist, may not be the best at anything, but she may see solutions on cross of her many disciplines. There is inspiration for problem solving in art, as well as mathemathical rules for beauty.

A polymath thrives when being challenged or asked to solve the impossible. Creation and curiosity is always at the core.

- Hege

Jazzberry = Hege Marie Baraldsnes CV/LinkedIn +47 908 06 789 Balders Gate 1A, 3182 Horten, Norway