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  • Art Direction

    Project or brand art direction, including visual identity design

  • Graphic design

    Branding and identity,- logo, business cards, brochures, catalogues, corporate reports, packaging design and much more.

  • Illustration

    Infographics, book illustrations, portraits and more.

  • Digital design

    Webdesign, digital signage, interactive presentations, user interface design for mobile applications, including games and more.

  • Development

    Web/UI development: Php, HTML, CSS, Javascript, mySQL, Unity, AS3/Scaleform, Ruby, Python.

    (PS! Jeg snakker norsk.)


Things and stuff I’ve done lately

The Moon

/Posted by: jazz
"The world's first virtual shopping destination. Meet, interact, chat with friends, discover brands and get inspiration – all while shopping at a close to reality destination" Disclaimer: Project still in...

Various illustration

/Posted by: jazz
Various drawings (all digitally drawn in Photoshop). (I apologize for poor resolutions on these images. I lost 15 years of artwork due to a Dropbox issue, so I no longer...

StarTrek Mobile Game UI

/Posted by: jazz
This was a UI design test I did for Ludia Games in Montreal. I got the job, but decided to turn the offer down and move back home to Norway. I...

Mobile design

/Posted by: jazz
I had the pleasure of working closely with Sony Ericsson and partners for a couple of years, custom designing mobile covers, pouches and accessories. The list of companies is...

Various webdesign

/Posted by: jazz
Over the course of my career I have designed and programmed more websites than I can count. The development in this industry is so fast however, keeping a portfolio...


What is up?


In 2o12 my former producer and game director from Funcom, Jørgen Tharaldsen, started his own game studio with senior programmer from our team, Christian Tellefsen and art director Mikael Noguchi. Jørgen, Christian and I, together with animator Daniel Sappa,...

Machine Learning

BroenTech, the company I share offices with, are conveniently doing a lot of machine learning and AI. I say conveniently, because when I was working with the Schibsted Easy Ad platform I did a pre-project, preparing to introduce machine...

Better Back

My favorite thing about Kickstarter is that when things finally arrive, I've totally forgotten that I ordered something, so it feels a bit like Christmas every time I get a package in the mail. Which I did this morning! After...

Changing my name

It is about time I change my name. As much as the Baraldsnes name is unique and special, it is my ex husbands name afterall. Besides, it is impossible to pronouce, even for me. As of today, my name...

New Office

I have been so fortunate to get a lovely office space here in Kongeveien in Horten. Thanks to Stian Broen at BroenTech. I think the sign in our lunch room sums these guys up perfectly. BroenTech is an IoT company, leaning more...

Back in business

After a few years in the gaming industry, living my dream, working for Funcom, living abroad for a while, having a kid - I am back home and back in Jazzberry full time. I am working on an updated profile...


What’s a Jazzberry?

I was one of those kids who never managed to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I don’t understand why logic and creativity is seen as opposites, and although some people are naturally better suited to keep a narrow focus, my brain pulls me in all directions at once. Knowledge is my drug.

Those of us with similar traits are often referred to as a Jack of all Trades, a potato, polymath or multipotentialite.  I call myself a jazzberry, because my brain works much like jazz, very intuitively, very little strict planning, yet everything follows a pattern. The berry represent my non-conforming and colorful personality, which has taken me a lifetime to learn to trust and feel comfortable with.

Too often term Jack of all Trades is spoken in a negative connotation, but our broad range of skills and experiences can be very valuable alongside modern day specialists. Sometimes solutions are found through being able to see a bigger picture than an expert can.

I love working on big projects, in team with talented developers and artists, but I also love making cheap logos for enthusiastic and promising startups.

I thrive when put to the challenge and asked to do the impossible, where I am allowed to use all my skills in combination.

Work experience

  • Designer, Artist, Developer

    Jazzberry // Norway // Mar 2001 – Present

    ° UI/UX Design (Unity)
    ° Graphic design, Branding & Identity
    ° Webdesign and development (html,css/sass, php, mysql, javascript)

    Clients and brands including Sony Ericsson, Sony Entertainment, Samsung, Motorola, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, American Idol, Skullcandy, Simpsons, Armani, Audi, Billabong, So You Think You Can Dance, T-Mobile and many more.

  • Senior Webdeveloper

    EasyAD, Schibsted Media// Norway // Oct 2015 – Sep 2016

    * PHP Development
    * Refactoring, Unit Testing.
    * HTML, CSS (SASS), Javascript, Json, Ajax
    * Machine Learning for automated ad targeting
    * API Integrations
    * UI Design

    * Self studies outside the scope of work responsibilities: Design Patterns, Ruby, Python, Angular JS, Business Metrics

  • Art director

    Telecine Multimedia// Montreal, Canada // Jun 2013 – Mar 2015

    Award Winning Digital Signage studio with clients like Bloomberg, J.P. Morgan, Fidelity Investments, Pimco, Acorda Therapeutics w.m.
    ° Concept sketches, storyboards and ideas.
    ° Scala engineering and prototyping
    ° AfterEffects/video/3d modelling and animation
    ° Webdesign, UI and development (php/html/css/jQuery/etc)
    ° Agile & task management

  • Lead artist

    Funcom Games // Montreal, Canada // Mar 2011 – May 2013

    ° Character creation tool prototyping and innovation (AS3)
    ° Character feature art and art direction, 3D modeling
    ° Managing in game assets, overseeing quality of each individual piece
    ° User Interface Art & Design, assisting UI dept
    ° Leading a team of 10+ artists in Montreal and Beijing
    ° Projects including Fashion Week Live, Thief, NBA, Lego and more
    ° Working closely with project managers, game designers and tech dept
    ° Agile/Scrum/Poker planning

  • UI/UX Designer & Developer

    Funcom Games // Oslo, Norway // May 2010 – Mar 2011

    Project: Board with the World, an Extreme Sport/Snowboarding MMO
    Mission: Create a working prototype for a completely new UI/control mechanism never done before on PC. Mission was accomplished!
    ° User interface design and animation
    ° Flash AS3, Scaleform and LUA, implementation in DreamWorld engine
    ° User testing
    ° Logo design, game identity, t-shirts, presentations and more
    ° Character and environment texture art


  • Associate Degree in Graphic Design

    Sessions New York // 2002 – 2005

    ° Color theory
    ° Typography
    ° Design and composition
    ° Marketing
    ° Print production
    ° Branding and Identity
    ° Logodesign
    ° Layout Design
    ° Packaging Design

  • Webmaster

    IT Akademiet // 1999 – 2000

    ° HTML & CSS
    ° Dreamweaver
    ° Flash & Actionscript
    ° Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert
    ° Adobe Illustrator Certified Expert
    ° ASP & Visual Basic
    ° Windows NT Web Server

  • Php Certification

    Zend / 2008

  • CAD, 3D & Technical/architectual drawing

    Noroff Institute // 2008 – 2009

    ° AutoCAD
    ° 3DsMax
    ° Viz & Inventor
    ° Mechanical, technical & architectural drawing

  • Various Online Studies

    Individual courses, Computer and Information Sciences // 

    ° Udacity Descriptive Statistics
    ° Stanford Machine Learning
    ° Polymath Higher Mathemathics
    ° Lynda PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics
    ° Lynda Design Patterns in PHP
    ° Lynda Unit Testing with PHPUnit
    ° Lynda Foundations of Programming: Test Driven Development
    ° Codermanual Ruby on Rails
    ° Codecademy Learn SQL
    ° Codecademy Learn Git
    ° Codecademy jQuery

    2015 or earlier
    ° 3ds Max, modeling, texturing and rendering
    ° ZBrush modeling
    ° Photoshop/Painter drawing and painting
    ° Art history and oil painting
    ° Flash animation and actionscripting
    ° Unity development
    ° Agility and project management
    ° Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management
    ° SEO/Internet Marketing


Don’t be shy!
  • Jazzberry // Hege M Baraldsnes
  • +47 908 06 789
  • Kongeveien 79 (c/o BroenTech AS)
    3188 Horten, Vestfold, Norway


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